Transforming by action

HAIGO: pronounced ‘Hi’ (like hello) ‘go’. Feminine noun.

Group composed of multiskilled people
who use design, data and empathy,
to build websites, apps, objects and environments
hand in hand with their enthusiastic clients..

The study we’re working on right now

Workers of the future

Millenials and the future of work

Would you like to know what 18 to 25 year olds expect from work and from companies in their future? We’re currently talking to nearly 1000 students worldwide, and we’re working on dismantling some well-worn and damaging clichés.

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Case Studies

We help organisations to create services and products that their employees and their end users love to use. Whether it’s one of the world’s biggest companies, or a start up, each project is an opportunity to get employees or contractors moving, and to bring about positive change.


Remake the way a startup would

Attract AXA’s partners, talents and ambassadors of tomorrow by involving them in building their company website, right in the heart of the design process.

Paris Aéroports

From Brand promise to Brand experience

Bringing different departments together through creating an airport experience adapted to travellers’ needs.


Remaking the flagship website in 5 weeks

Highlighting Thales Group’s various activities and targeting them to relevant audiences.

L’Echappée 2016

Workshop: turning an idea into action

Solving 2 startups’ problems by running 2 workshops.

Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCI de Paris)

Building a strategy based around human beings

In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, building tools to track employee skills, and bringing together everyone involved in just one week.


Providing a leading brand with the best user experience

Creating a toolbox so that AXA’s 59 entities can build digital assets faster.

Société Générale

Reinventing the workplace

Working with multidisciplinary resident teams to build their ideal workplace.


The intranet is dead, long live the digital workplace

Reinventing collaborative tools for one of the world’s innovation leaders, hand in hand with employees.



Finding the keys to better recruting, training and involving employees in decision making, and turning them into a study everyone can use.


A card game to break the ice

Getting a new group of people to know each other in a few minutes, so as to work together more effectively.


A work stool for startups

A simple stool that can build you a quiet temporary work space, hold up a board to communicate with your team, and can also be a simple chair which can be used everywhere.

Our obsessions

Behind every project and behind every client there are different sources of motivation. We call them our ‘obsessions’ because they lay the groundwork for everything we do at Haigo.
01. Analysing the way something is used

We always go out into the field to meet end users and internal stakeholders in order to find out and access the real problem that needs solving.

02. Building together & iterating

Because we use Design Thinking, we can build pragmatic solutions with our clients which respond to end users’ real problems, and bring together everyone involved.

03. Delivering concrete results

During the production phase, we work in short iterative cycles. This means that we’re creating value from the very first days of the project.

04. Measuring

At each project’s kick off, we define the objectives together and their associated indicators. We used them as analytic markers to guarantee our solution’s effectiveness.

05. Creating lasting impact

Our main obsession is to create impact. For Haigo, impact is defined as the end user’s satisfaction, but also by the change we have brought to our client’s organisation.

06. Teaching

Whether it’s to benefit our clients or in the universities where we run academies, teaching is key for Haigo. For each project, we organise a phase of knowledge sharing, with the aim of making our clients independent in their work. Ideally, they won’t need our help any longer, and we can move on to the next team or a new client.

Our 3 areas of expertise complement one another

Finding the real problem to be tackled

User research (qualitative/quantitative)
Analysing emerging uses
Defining a vision for the product

Building new and effective solutions

Rapid prototyping & design sprints
UX/UI Interface design
Developing products & services
Building spaces and furniture

Making ideas come to life quickly

Product Management
Program Management
Organisational Alignment
Sourcing technical contractors
Organisating public bids for contracts
Launch and communication plans
Data & Analytics

Meet the team

The whole team comes from multidisciplinary backgrounds, from strategy to design via philosophy and anthropology. If you want to join us, come this way.
Haigo Patrick

Patrick Maruéjouls
Strategy & Design lead

Haigo Guewen Loussouarn Lead Program Management

Guewen Loussouarn
Program Management Lead

Nicolas Moreau
Strategy & Program Management

Haigo Marine Dias Program Management User Research

Marine Dias
User Intelligence
& Program Management

Maïlys Atedzoué
Growth & Program Management

Haigo Adrien Groleas Design Magicien Magie

Adrien Groleas

Felipe Terrazzan Program Management UX

Felipe Terrazzan
Strategy & Program Management

Haigo Chloé Jakubowicz Program Management UX

Chloé Jakubowicz
Strategy & Program Management

Caroline Caltagirone
User Intelligence
& Program Management

Haigo Arnaud Girard Program Management

Arnaud Girard
Strategy & Program Management

Haigo Audrey Blanchard Design

Audrey Blanchard

Mathieu Avons
Lead design

Lola Lecasble
User Intelligence
& Program Management

Virginie Gimeno
Operations Manager

Arnaud Archimède

Ilias Chaumont
Strategy & Program Management

Florent Darrault

Our clients

We now work for France’s biggest companies as well as for start ups.
At the same time, we lecture and run academies in design schools and universities.

Come and say hello…

Don’t hesitate to come to our offices if you want to have a quick chat about your project, or just have coffee with us.

38 rue du Sentier
75002 Paris

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