Haigo Chloé Jakubowicz Program Management UX

Chloé Jakubowicz

Strategy & Program management

Chloé is a graduate of HEC Paris. She’s the first graduate of Patrick and Guewen’s Design Thinking Academy to join Haigo – so we know that at least one student was listening during their lectures and workshops! Very reassuring.

Chloé is already an international businesswoman. She uses experience travelling around the world to pick out the most high quality services, and work out how to bring them to France. Her exchange trip to Hong Kong showed her how advanced services for people using public transport are, and Chloé would love to bring this quality to France. Thanks to her HEC Entrepreneurs Masters program and a partnership with 42, she launched her own company Gustave, the baggage assistant for tourists visiting Paris.

Several hundred suitcases were transported between Paris hotels and Charles de Gaulle airport, making several hundred tourists freed up for their trip, but Chloé decided to go back to doing what she knows best: identifying real needs, using her creativity to put in place digital solutions, and iterating to make them even better. These are Design Thinking principles, at the heart of Haigo’s philosophy.

Chloé has been passionate about drawing, painting, and anything and everything practical since she was tiny. She’s attended evening classes at the Ecole du Louvre, and particularly admires Odilon Redon, Max Ernst and Gustave Klimt. Now at Haigo, she uses her company culture budget to spend Monday evenings doing sculpture. Chloé is also teaching herself Photoshop and cultivating her inner designer, which will soon be invaluable to Haigo and its clients.