Haigo Guewen Loussouarn Lead Program Management



Guewen is self-taught, and has worked on pretty much every job in digital since the year 2000. He worked at Google, Nurun and NetBooster, and founded two agencies which he left long ago but which are still turning a profit today. Since 2010, Guewen has been teaching. He co-directs the Design Thinking Academy at HEC Paris which they have been running together since 2013.

He’s won several awards for his creative campaigns (the Grand Prix du Brand Content, the Trophées Marketing Magazine and nominated for the Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Digital), but he’s keen on the technical side too (first site launched in 2000, first eCommerce CMS developped in 2004, first ideas about DMPs and applying them to media in 2012). He’s also Haigo’s resident media wizz, with the best ideas about branding and ROI and social media (he won a prize for a campaign at the Travel Marketing Awards UK). His work with reducing the gap between having a strategic vision, and actually launching a product to show for it, is what lead him to found Haigo with Patrick Maruéjouls in 2015.

Guewen has two children and a long-lost music career. He performed his last gig in 2005, after recording an album with one of Alain Bashung’s producers (very famous French musician, ed.) and making covers of bands like Pony Pony Run Run and Daria. He’s a Talleyrand fan, and he’s working on a new project based on the album Raditude by Weezer. When he’s not on his computer or at his drum kit, Guewen loves to curl up with a good biography of a great figure from history. He likes to leave books about Churchill around the office. No-one is quite sure what to make of this.