Haigo Patrick Maruéjouls Lead Design


Co-founder/Design & Strategy Lead

After 10 years working in digital and innovation, Patrick developed a unique methodology in which innovation starts with understanding the needs of end users. Everything starts with empathy: empathy for the end user, but just as much empathy for the teams who work on developing the product.

Combining this methodology with co-founder Guewen Loussouarn‘s entrepreneurship is what gave birth to Haigo. They teach their clients how to create testable prototypes and innovative products and services in a matter of weeks. With classic product management methods, these things can take months and generate huge costs before they get to testing stage. Patrick isn’t interested unless his work brings about a concrete result that can be tested and used by users.

He’s obsessed with making things, which is why he spends Thursday mornings doing woodwork in a workshop in Paris, a short cycle ride from the office.

These days, Haigo’s methodology is used in emerging start-ups, as well as in top global companies (AXA, Société Générale, Thales…). It’s taught in several schools in France (HEC, 42, Strate, CELSA, …) and shared in conferences and workshops which generate dozens of start-up embryos every year.