Haigo Virginie Gimeno Operations Management

Virginie Gimeno

Operations Manager

NB: This bio was written by Joanna

We brought Virginie on board for a web publishing project in the spring of 2017. It was a match, so we invited her back to work on an additional project, and then another, and finally we offered her the position of Operations Manager! That’s what we like to call an agile recruitment process, following several iterations, always aiming for continuous improvement 🙂
The Operations Manager’s role is all about supporting Haigos and Haibros, and that’s exactly what Virginie was looking for in her new working environment: a human-centered role and a team where she could really feel at home. She spent five years studying architecture, before going on to work in the Paris food tech scene, and notes that her work has always been about the people she’s met. Her lecturers, the chefs she worked with, and her study buddies have all shaped her ideas more than anything else. What’s very Haigo about Virginie is how she’s partly self-taught, and is the sum of several previous lives … (on this topic see also: Guewen, Maïlys, Felipe).
Life’s too short, isn’t it? In another life, Virginie would have been a pediatrician or a rock singer or CEO of her own company (there’s still time!). Fortunately, Operations Manager is a bit like that – there’s always new concepts to develop and new ways of doing things. This is ideal for someone like Virginie who is a bit of a school prefect and class rep character. Without being an all-out revolutionary, she’s always been a strong defender of her own ideas, and especially those of others.
At Haigo, we talk a lot about design thinking but especially “design doing”, and it’s easy to understand why Virginie and Haigo work together. As Virginie says herself: “I’m in a building phase. I want to build things everywhere: furniture, bookcases, shelves … in essence design things for different spaces. Right now, I also want to knit, to create, to concoct different designs for all sorts of things.”
Anything Haigo can learn from her past as an architect? “Architects are very incompetent at project management in a business setting. They should work more like Haigo and try to better understand user needs and experiences. They need to stop thinking for other people and listen more.”