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We help organisations to create services and products that their employees and their end users love to use. Whether it’s one of the world’s biggest companies, or a start up, each project is an opportunity to get employees or contractors moving, and to bring about positive change.


Remake the way a startup would

Attract AXA’s partners, talents and ambassadors of tomorrow by involving them in building their company website, right in the heart of the design process.

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Paris Aéroports

From Brand promise to Brand experience

Bringing different departments together through creating an airport experience adapted to travellers’ needs.


Remaking the flagship website in 5 weeks

Highlighting Thales Group’s various activities and targeting them to relevant audiences.


L’échappée 2016

Workshop : turning an idea into action

Solving startups’ problems by running 2 workshops.

Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCI de Paris)

Building a strategy based around humain beings

In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, building tools to track employees skills and bringing together everyone involved in just one week.


Providing a leading brand with the best user experience

Creating a toolbox so that AXA can build digital assets faster in 62 countries.


Workers of the Future, Episode #1

Workplace of the Future

Millenials and workplace

50% of your workplace will be less than 30 years old by 2020, are you ready to welcome them in your office ? Haigo and Kardham joined to give the floor to the millenials and collect their expectations regarding to tomorrow’s workplace.

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SoGe Societe generale

Société Générale

Reinventing the workplace

Working with multidisciplinary resident teams to build their ideal workplace.


The intranet is dead, long live the digital workplace

Reinventing collaborative tools for one of the world’s innovation leaders, hand in hand with employees.


The future of work seen from Silicon Valley

Finding the keys to better recruiting, training and involving employees in decision making and turning them into a study everyone can use.

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Tinder for milk cows

Help an agricultural cooperative to rethink its bovine coupling tool and save some precious time.

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The helpful information distributed effectively

Co-design communication ecosystem of the european leader of gas transportation.

Haigo + 42 + HEC + Strate

3 weeks to create and pitch a prototype

Since 2013, the first bootcamp to put Design Thinking into practice with our students from HEC, 42 and Strate Design.

Haigo side project

A card game to break the ice

Getting a new group of people to know each other in a few minutes, so as to work together more effectively.

Haigo side project

A work stool for startups

A simple stool that can build you a quit temporary work space, hold up a bard to communicate with your team and can also be a simple chair which can be used everywhere.


The transport really accessible to all

Help the region transport union to offer an optimal service for everyone, giving a voice to people with reduced mobility.


Digital services for SMEs

Answering to SMEs leaders challenges giving them the tools they need.


Clarifying the retirement home

Understand elder people, their family and establishment directors to build a more efficient website.

SoftBank Robotics Europe

The intranet that reveals the corporate culture

Help the robotic serving humans leader to choose its new internal communication tool.

Haigo side project

Practical guide of User Intelligence

Prepare a User Research, a User Test or a Retransmission through some scenarios.

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Nous travaillons aujourd’hui aussi bien pour des groupes du CAC 40 que pour des start-ups.
En parallèle, nous intervenons et dirigeons des programmes dans de nombreuses écoles et universités.

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